Serengeti National Park


Because of its endless grasslands, the Serengeti is the ultimate safari destination for those who are interested in game drives or want to follow the great animal migration. This annual migration involves the movement of over 2 million zebras, gazelles and wildebeest. It is considered to be one of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth.


The Serengeti National Park can be visited throughout the year. However, to witness the great migration, you need to visit at the right time. The best time to follow the migration in the Serengeti is between May to June and December to March


Between May to June the wildebeest can be seen close to River Grumeti. From December to March, one needs to go to the Southern Plains to have the best sights. July to October is also excellent if you are visiting the Northern areas of Kogatende, Lobo and Loliondo. This is where the wildebeest leave Tanzania and cross the Maraa river into Kenya. The Central Serengeti is unique because the animals can be seen all year round

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