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Greetings and welcome to Kiluwa Adventures! Welcome or ‘Karibu’ in Swahili, the language of East Africa! I am the director and founder of Kiluwa adventures, Zainabu, and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about my company.

Firstly the name, what is its significance? Well Kiluwa is the name of a tribe hailing from the Tanga region of Tanzania, away west from the Serengeti, over the Usambara mountains to the coast, south of Kilimanjaro. I am of the Kiluwa people and the culture and history of my people is a source of great pride to me, and in my life here at the heart of the Tanzanian Northern Safari Circuit many people call me Kiluwa. Due to this, and because the company is an expression of my desire to create excellence and to express the essential trait The motivation and drive to start a tour company was birthed in my earlier working life providing care for clients in the hotel sector. With many guests at the end of our experiences urging me to create my own enterprise and utilise my skills and abilities directly with guests to my country, a seed was planted, and with care and watering began to grow.

Observing the industry as a whole I could see ways to enhance our visitor’s experiences and create unique and profound adventures for those who take the opportunity to explore our glorious homeland. To unearth the lesser known gems of East Africa and offer them to our clients, forging fine and sublime memorable experiences.

So, with Wildlife Safari on the great plains, with addressing the wealth of Mountains here standing, including the king of Africa, Kilimanjaro, and with trips to the delightful beaches of Zanzibar, Kiluwa Adventures endeavours to offer our guests the finest of experiences.

Our adventures are tailor-made to suit each individual client’s needs and wants by our team of experienced and right-hearted experts in the fields within which we operate. Our care is to create for you experiences unparalleled in the industry. From the endless plain to the mountain peak to the ocean shore our promise is the creation for you of impeccable experiences. And we hold ourselves to the highest of standards.

Our guides are handpicked not only for expertise but also for character, personality, charm and warmth. As well as a nuanced understanding of the engagement of which each individual group may be desirous.

I look forward to your reaching out to our team and beginning the conversation towards creating your lifetime’s unforgettable adventure in the magical lands of my birth.

Direct deals with Tanzania source.

Because there is no longer an external company involved, we can serve you better and save costs. This allows us to offer a better safari experience for the same price, or simply save costs for you. We can also implement the agreements we make with each other immediately on site in Tanzania without the intervention of an external party. This ensures a fair travel proposal at the best price.

Customer experience is top priority

Our website is designed in such a way that you can compose your entire holiday yourself. So that you quickly gain insight into price changes when you add or drop certain items. This gives you a quick idea of what you think it is worth and what you don’t. We also have our most popular Tanzania trips and safaris ready for you.

From our CEO

Ms Zainabu Kiluwa

Miss Zainabu founded Kiluwa Adventures after being a hotel reservation manager. Her passion for starting a tour company stemmed from wanting tourists to experience Tanzania like a local, with untold stories and attractions. Kiluwa Adventures strives to offer unique experiences to tourists.

All travel with us

As we offer such a wide range of holiday options, our customers vary enormously in age, interests and requirements. Single travelers, couples, families, groups of friends, honeymooners and photographers all travel with us.

We can lead our clients through the National Parks in our own safari vehicles and with our own guides. Because we only want to offer the best service so that you can taste the passion we have for the country as best as possible!

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